The safety of you and your employees is a priority for us!

Stigo Fleet only uses electric vehicles, which have passed hundreds of hours of quality testing and test-driving.

But it’s essential that while driving in the traffic or a closed territory, the rider should to be aware of the surroundings and take safety seriously.

To make things clear, Stigo Fleet team kindly asks you to follow some simple rules:

  • Always wear a helmet;
  • Only one rider per vehicle;
  • You have to be 16+ drive in the traffic;
  • Follow all the traffic rules, including street signs and stop signs. In a closed territory follow the max. speed limit and other company regulations;
  • Before you start driving check the brakes, horn and overall condition of the vehicle;
  • When you use foldable Stigo S or B1, be sure that you have put the vehicle together correctly;
  • While driving in the rain or light snow, be especially cautious;
  • When passing a pedestrian, keep a distance and lower your speed;
  • Use cautions at crosswalks;
  • Don’t make any dangerous moves or jumps;
  • Don’t ride when you have consumed alcohol;

Keep it safe!