How it works?

Stigo Fleet provides shared micro-mobility vehicles for factories and to other closed territory facilities.  Our mission is to help your employees be healthier and motivated.

Our service works on the vehicle-as-a-service model. For a fixed monthly fee we provide you street-legal electric vehicles, service, accessories and after-sales support.

Prices start from 59 EUR/month.


  • Healthier workers
  • Higher productivity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Positive PR and CSR
  • Competitive advantage
  • Sustainable
  • Low cost
  • Safe to ride

Increased productivity


Daniel Habersatter, General Manager, Hilton Tallinn Park

“Motorisation is a large problem in the big cities of Europe, including Tallinn. Everyday, there is more congestion. Since we value environmental sustainability, we encourage our employees and hotel guests to think in a more green way and to use more energy-efficient modes of transport.”

Ragne Maasel, Employer Brand Manager, LHV Bank

“Work no longer revolves around one single building. People will appreciate when we invest into means of getting the employee out of the office, at least temporarily. Environmentally friendly Stigo Fleet offers the solution – it’s really fun to ride and perfect for city commuting.”

Elina Kaarneem, LIFT99 Telliskivi Manager, LIFT99

“Stigo bikes are a new and cool way of transportation, especially in a city as small as Tallinn, where you can get from point A to B in a very short time. Stigo bikes allow LIFT99 members to do their daily tasks, go to lunch or appointments somewhere further without having to worry about traffic jams or expensive parking fees. Good mood is guaranteed!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stigo Fleet service for factories?

For factories, we offer custom made electric moped B1, which is a perfect vehicle for moving around both inside and outside of the factory territory.

Our service works on the sharing model.  This means that there are Stigo bikes in your factory, which employees can use while moving from point A to B.

How do we benefit from the Stigo Fleet service?

The average factory worker in Germany walks 10-12 km a day. Most of the time they have to carry tools with them. This puts enormous pressure on the human body. Our solution is to offer them electric two-wheelers, which they can use both indoors and outdoor to move from point A to B.

For a company this means healthier are more motivated employees.

Are Stigo Fleet vehicles safe to ride?

Yes, we offer only the highest quality electric vehicles. While driving in traffic, it’s essential to follow all the laws and always be cautious. Just like with a regular bike or a car.

Is it challenging to ride Stigo Fleet vehicles?

No, our vehicles are very similar to classic bikes, so driving comes naturally for most people. But, to be sure, we provide safety materials and training for your team.

What if something happens with vehicle?

We offer full service and no-worries policy. This means, that if something happens with your vehicle, we’ll replace it or provide quick assistance.

Is there any restriction for using Stigo bikes?

When your employees are riding Stigo vehicles in the traffic, it’s important that they follow local laws. They should always wear a helmet and be cautious.

It’s essential to notice that our vehicles have a max weight limit of 120kg.

Can Stigo bikes be branded with my company’s logo?

Yes, we offer custom branding solutions for larger quantities. But even if you want 1-2 bikes, we’ll find a solution on how to promote your brand on the bikes.

What is the difference between Stigo bikes and city bikes?

The most crucial difference is the condition of the bikes. City bikes are simplistic and not so well kept. Stigo bikes are regularly maintained, and thanks to their size, you can keep them indoors.

Also, Stigo bike’s cost per day for you is significantly lower, than the city bike’s.

What is the difference between Stigo bikes and taxi, Uber or a personal car?

The most crucial difference is the time spent in traffic. With Stigo bikes you can’t be stuck in the traffic jams. Also, Stigo bikes are environmentally friendly, and cost per km is 95% lower than with a car or a taxi.

Where can I keep Stigo bikes?

Foldable Stigo S is designed to keep indoors. Thanks to the slim designs, they fit well with any décor. Electric city bikes are best to keep in the parking garage.

Is there a minimum quantity of bikes I can take?

No, you can start with just few bikes and always increase the quantity.

Recommended vehicles for Factory

Stigo B1

Type E-scooter

Top speed  20 km/h

Range 39 km

Weight 18 kg

Max load 120 kg

Wheels 14’

Charging time 3.5h


Type E-bike

Top speed  25 km/h

Range 60-100 km

Weight 20 kg

Max load 120 kg

Wheels 28’

Charging time 3h