About us

When you enter Stigo Fleet GmbH offices in Munich, you can’t help but notice these sleek folded bikes that stand by the wall. They don’t even resemble bikes, more like some hi-tech gadgets you see in sci-fi movies. But in fact, these are electric scooters, which are type approved in the EU and therefore one of the few street-legal electric bikes in Germany. So why are they here and what’s their use?

Stigo company’s story started about six years ago, when sustainability enthusiast Rainer Nõlvak and recognized product designer Matti Õunapuu joined their skills, to build the world’s first foldable electric scooter. Their goal was to make a lightweight electric vehicle, which can be used by people living and working in an urban environment.

After four years of calculating, prototyping and testing, they reached the functionality and quality that satisfied them. It was an electric bike from the future.
Two years later – Stigo S is sold on five continents and in 30+ countries.

How did the manufacturing company launch a B2B fleet?

Like many other companies, our Fleet business model was born because there were many people with a problem, which nobody addressed.

We can say that our Fleet chapter started when we visited our resellers and noticed, that most of them kept one or two Stigo bikes in their office, close to the receptionist desk. When we asked about it, they responded that these bikes are daily used by their team. Our partners told us that they use Stigo bikes for driving around the warehouse, going to meetings, which are nearby and to commute to work. It made total sense because most of our resellers are located in busy cities, where traffic is terrible.

Our own employees had been using Stigo scooters pretty much the same way. Our project managers and factory workers ride annually about 1500 kilometers. Our two engineers park their cars 1.5 kilometers from the city center because it’s cheaper to park there. Then they take Stigo bikes out of the trunk, fold them up and ride the “last mile” to the office.
During one of our team lunches, we spoke about it, and they told us that many of their friends have asked if it’s possible to rent Stigo bikes. Well, it wasn’t possible then.

Sold in 30+ countries

After thorough research, it was pretty clear that there are also many companies and people with similar needs. So we decided to launch the Stigo Fleet concept where we provide companies a hassle-free fleet of electric vehicles for their daily short distance travels. Now there are mega-factories, banks, real estate companies, hotels, and numerous other companies, that use Stigo Fleet daily.

Of course, in retrospect, it makes perfect sense. Electric two-wheelers help our clients and their employees to beat traffic, be environmentally responsible and have fun at the same time.

In a recent year, we have widened our electric vehicle park, to offer suitable electric vehicles, for different companies.
We have foldable Stigo bikes for commuters, small offices, and hotels.
More of a cargo bike Stigo B1 for mega-factories and other companies, who have large closed territories.
And electric bikes for companies who have bike garages and need a longer distance.
In 2019, after new legislation in Germany, we’ll add our own electric kick scooter to our portfolio.
We are sure, that electric micro-mobility is here to stay because it genuinely enriches people’s lives.