Micro-mobility solution that saves valuable time.

Suitable for closed territories and city streets.


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StigoFleet bikes used for 3.6 million km and counting

How it works?

Stigo gives you the ultimate freedom to move around the city the way you want to do it. Urban travel and commuting are now quick, hassle-free, and environmentally friendly.


“Motorisation is a large problem in the big cities of Europe, including Tallinn. Everyday, there is more congestion. Since we value environmental sustainability, we encourage our employees and hotel guests to think in a more green way and to use more energy-efficient modes of transport.”

Daniel Habersatter
General Manager

Hilton Tallinn Park

„Work no longer revolves around one single building. People will appreciate when we invest into means of getting the employee out of the office, at least temporarily. Environmentally friendly Stigo Fleet offers the solution – it’s really fun to ride and perfect for city commuting.“

Ragne Maasel
Employer Brand Manager

LHV Bank

”Stigo bikes are a new and cool way of transportation, especially in a city as small as Tallinn, where you can get from point A to B in a very short time. Stigo bikes allow LIFT99 members to do their daily tasks, go to lunch or appointments somewhere further without having to worry about traffic jams or expensive parking fees. Good mood is guaranteed!”

Elina Kaarneem
LIFT99 Telliskivi Manager




Hours saved monthly – more billable hours


StigoFleet users report 93% increase in happiness and motivation


Lower travel costs (compared to taxi)


More environmentally friendly than a car


No need for special infrastructure, shared bikes are stored and charged indoors

Custom branded bikes with the colors of your team

No expensive ownership – monthly fee includes full service and no worries policy

20km/h, 14kg, small electric scooter requires no prior experience to ride

Monthly fee from
€59 per bike.

Monthly fee includes full service
and no worries policy


Give us one shot to save time of your professionals.

Worst case scenario:
you waste a few minutes to learn something new and keep all your money.
Best case scenario:
you increase efficiency and motivation of your team.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Stigo better than a taxi?

You’ll avoid all traffic jams and beat every car for short distance travel in the city. In the meanwhile you also save money and get a breeze of fresh air.

What if something happens to bikes stored in my office?

We have full service and no worries policy, which means we will service and replace bikes whenever anything happens to them.

Why should I use bikes from my office, as opposed to city bikes?

Your office bikes are always in good condition, always available and cost you a fraction per km.

Can StigoFleet bikes wear my company brand?

Yes, we can brand these bikes to carry your company colors. Whenever these bikes are ridden in the city, they become a perfect marketing tool for your business.

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